Our article “Chinookan Villages of the Lower Columbia” is out in the spring OHQ!

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After a year’s work, our article on “Chinookan Villages of the Lower Columbia” just came out in the Spring 2016 Oregon Historical Quarterly.  Authors are Henry Zenk, Yvonne Hajda, and myself.  I’ve known Henry and Yvonne for over thirty years, they both contributed chapters to “Chinookan Peoples of the Lower Columbia,” and each has their own list of publications on southern NW Coast Native peoples.  Henry is a linguist and Yvonne is an ethnohistorian (primarily).  The article’s main purpose is to introduce our list of Chinookan villages from CPLC to a wider audience, but it also contains Henry’s new analyses of data on Chinookan villages and village names from the Edward Curtis manuscripts in Los Angeles.  The bibliographic citation is OHQ 117(1): 6-37, and it’s available online through JSTOR.  I encourage everyone who’s interested to check it out!