“Celebrate Native heritage at Willamette Falls” May 18 op ed in Oregon City News

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I’m a bit late posting this, but here’s the link to my May 18 op ed in the Oregon City News, “Celebrate Native heritage at Willamette Falls”: portlandtribune.com/cr/28-opinion/306897-183016-celebrate-native-heritage-at-willamette-falls  It’s my second media suggestion (after the October 2015 Oregonian op ed) that a plank house be built at the Falls, following the precedent at Ridgefield.  Actually, a similar case could be made for Cascade Locks or Stevenson, commemorating Native heritage there and providing a meeting place for descendants.  The Sauvie Island/Lake River area, Willamette Falls, and The Cascades Rapids were the three areas in the Portland Basin where Native villages clustered.